Zedonius, Ruler of Flame
Game seriesNinja Gaiden series
First game appearanceNinja Gaiden II (Xbox 360)
Voiced By (English)Steve Blum
Voiced By (Japanese)Hidekatsu Shibata
Fighting StyleN/A
OccupationGreater Fiend, Ruler of Flame

Zedonius is one of the four Greater Fiends and Ruler of Flame. While in Russia during a cold winter, the military attempts to destroy him through force, but he easily swats away their tanks and artillery with his flame. After a short confrontation with Hayabusa after he battles the second Godomos, a giant blind troll, the two meet in a clocktower. Hayabusa puts out the flame of Zedonius. The two meet again in the underworld in a battlefield surrounded by molten lava where Hayabusa puts him down for the final time.

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