Ninja Gaiden II Vigoorian Flails

Below is a table showing the Vigoorian Flail’ entire move list including the name of the move, button input of the move, and what level the Vigoorian Flails need to be at to perform the move. Based on speed and high-combo efficiency, the Vigoorian Flails are easy to pick up, but hard to master. Like all weapons, it takes practice to full master, but has moves that can be abused.

Move Name Move Input Weapon Level Needed
Dragon and Phoenix XXXXXX Level 1
Dragon Slaughter XXX->XXXXXX Level 2
Furious Strike XXX->XXXXXYXXXX Level 3
Izuna Drop (throw) XXX->XXXXXYXXXY Level 3
Piercing Mountain XXX->XXXXXYYYYYY Level 3
Opened Path XXXXXY Level 2
Wandering Destruction XXXXY Level 2
Pale Light XXXY Level 2
Fire Pit XXY Level 1
Foe Destroyer XXYY Level 2
Looming Fog XYX Level 1
Furious Strike XYXXXX Level 2
Izuna Drop (throw) XYXXXY Level 2
Grasping the Moon XYY Level 1
Insane Raven XYYY Level 2
Piercing Mountain XYYYYYY Level 3
Flowing Waves >XX Level 1
Insane Devil ->XXXXX Level 2
Interrupted River ->XXXY Level 2
Horn of the Chimera ->XXY Level 1
Flame Wheel YY Level 1
Shining Heavens YYY Level 2
Auspicious Crane Y (hold Y) Level 1
Golden Dragon Y (hold Y)(Essence) Level 1
Annihilating Golden Dragon (during golden dragon) Y (press repeatedly) Level 1
Dancing Phoenix Y (hold Y)(Essence MAX) Level 1
Annihilating Dancing Phoenix (during dancing phoenix) Y (press repeatedly) Level 1
Erupting Flame ->Y Level 1
Rising Serpent ->YY Level 3
Deformation Kick (while running) X Level 1
Scraping Heavens Kick (while running) XX Level 2
Heaven’s Surprise Kick (while running) XXX Level 3
Storm Breaker (while running) XXXY Level 3
Flying Monkey (while running) Y Level 1
Blazing Inferno (while running) YY Level 2
Nine Heavens 360+Y Level 2
Warrior of Flight (while blocking) X Level 1
Ring of Heaven Kick (while blocking) Y Level 1
Slanted Heavens (while blocking YY) Level 2
Demon Chaser (next to downed enemy) Y Level 1
Sweeping Strike (while jumping) X Level 1
Dragon Emperor Kick (while jumping) Y Level 1
Red-Hot Iron Brand (while jumping towards enemy) Y Level 1
Insane Raven (while jumping towards enemy) YY Level 2
Piercing Mountain (while jumping towards enemy) YYYYY Level 3
Guillotine Throw (throw) (while jumping near enemy) A+X Level 1
Red-Hot Iron Brand (while wall running) X or Y Level 1
Insane Raven (while wall running) XY or YY Level 2
Piercing Mountain (while wall running) XYYYY or YYYYY Level 3
Split Boulder Kick (on wall) X or Y Level 1
Mountain Crane (on wall) XY or YY Level 3
Infernal Drop (during flying bird flip) X or Y Level 1
Mountain Crane (during flying bird flip) XY or YY Level 3
Ancient Dragon Kick (while running on water) X Level 1
Rising Phoenix (while running on water) Y Level 1
Wandering Drum (at water surface) X Level 1
Disturbed Heavens (at water surface) Y Level 1
Flowing Rainwater (underwater) X Level 1
Golden Lily (underwater) Y Level 1

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