Ninja Gaiden II Tonfa

Below is a table showing the Tonfa’s entire move list including the name of the move, button input of the move, and what level the Tonfa need to be at to perform the move. The Tonfa are close-ranged weapons that are incredibly fast and leave the user rather vulnerable. Though they can be good crowd control and Heavenly Justice allows for some unique combo breaks, these weapons are hard to use effectively.

Move Name Move Input Weapon Level Needed
Great Edge XXXXX Level 1
Ivory Flower XXXYX Level 1
Falling Petals Flowing Water XXXYXXXX Level 2
Izuna Drop (throw) XXXYXXXY Level 2
One Thousand Blossoms XXYYY Level 3
Fluttering Peacock XX->Y Level 2
Blooming Iris XX->XX Level 1
Flower Garland Drop (throw) XX->XY Level 2
Cypress Column XX->XY Level 1
Cradled Moon XY Level 1
Crimson Edge XY (hold Y) Y Level 1
Demons’ Staves ->X Level 1
Demons’ Diamonds ->XX Level 2
Demon Tears Kick ->XXXXX Level 3
Demon Devourer ->XYY Level 1
Iron Wheel YY Level 1
Storm of the Four Winds YYY Level 2
Vermillion Fan Y (hold Y) Level 1
Spring Wind Y (hold Y)(Essence) Level 1
Uncontrollable Bloom Y (hold Y)(Essence MAX) Level 1
Fleeting Blossoms ->YY Level 1
Turning Wheel (while running) X Level 1
Roaring Flames (while running) Y Level 1
Overlapping Storms 360+Y Level 2
Heavenly Justice (during combo) A or LT+Direction Level 1
Justice of Heaven Kick (during heavenly justice) X Level 1
Broken Lantern (during heavenly justice) Y Level 1
First Storm (while blocking) X Level 1
One Thousand Lotuses (while blocking) YY Level 1
Bloom of Revenge (next to downed enemy) Y Level 1
Ivory Flower (while jumping) X Level 1
Falling Petals Flowing Water (while jumping) XXXX Level 2
Izuna Drop (throw) (while jumping) XXXY Level 2
Oblivion Blossom (while jumping) Y Level 1
Eight Leaves (while jumping forward) X Level 1
Stone Breaker (while jumping towards enemy) YY Level 1
Guillotine Throw (throw) (while jumping near enemy) A+X Level 1
Stone Breaker (while wall running) XX or YY Level 1
Fluttering Crane (on wall) X or Y Level 1
Demon Exorcism (on wall) XX Level 1
Demon Devourer (on wall) XXX Level 2
Crimson Fang (on wall) XY Level 1
Fleeting Blossoms (on wall) XYY Level 2
Fluttering Phoenix (during flying bird flip) X or Y Level 1
Demon Exorcism (during flying bird flip) XX Level 1
Demon Devourer (during flying bird flip) XXX Level 2
Crimson Fang (during flying bird flip) XY Level 1
Fleeting Blossoms (during flying bird flip) XYY Level 2
Drowning Moon (while running on water) XY Level 1
Floodgate Crush (while running on water) YY Level 1
Demon Thistle (at water surface) X Level 1
Drowning Moon (at water surface) Y Level 1
Crimson Lily (underwater) X Level 1
Scale Scraper (underwater) Y Level 1
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