Ninja Gaiden II Lunar Staff

Below is a table showing the Lunar Staff’s entire move list including the name of the move, button input of the move, and what level the Lunar needs to be at to perform the move. The Lunar is a great crowd control weapon with excellent Ultimate Techniques available for taking out most enemies.

Move Name Move Input Weapon Level Needed
Dragon’s Fang Spin XXXX Level 1
Dragon’s Talon Spin XXXY Level 2
Gleaming Shadow XXY Level 1
Infinity Thrust X->XX Level 1
Yin-Yang Thrust X->XXX Level 2
Amitabha Thrust X->XXXX Level 3
Absolute Darkness X->XYX Level 2
Izuna Drop (throw) X->XYXY Level 2
Sun and Moon X->XYY Level 2
Molten Rock XYXXX Level 3
Strange Soul XYYYY Level 3
Bolted Gate ->XX Level 1
Charging Lion ->XXX Level 1
Fierce Lion Y Level 1
Bladed Spider YYYYY Level 3
Bladed Spider Y->Y Level 2
Bladed Spider YY->Y Level 3
Bladed Spider YYY->Y Level 3
Remnant Blossoms Y (hold Y) Level 1
Eight Destructions Y(hold Y)(Essence) Level 1
Dance of Flame Y(hold Y) (Essence MAX) Level 1
Waning Moon ->Y Level 1
First Wind ->YYX Level 1
Izuna Drop (throw) ->YYXY Level 2
Moonlit Shadow ->YYY Level 2
Vanishing Mist (while running) XX Level 1
Twin Serpent Staff (while running)Y Level 1
Destruction Spin 360+Y Level 3
Waning Evil 360+Y(hold Y) Level 2
Hazy Shadow 360+Y(hold Y)(Essence) Level 2
Heavenly Shadow 360+Y(hold Y)(Essence MAX Level 2
Izuna Drop (throw) 360+Y(hold Y)(Essence MAX)Y Level 2
Mirror Reflection (while blocking) X Level 1
Gate of Betrayal (while blocking) XX Level 2
Quivering Moon (while blocking) Y Level 2
Furious Wind (while blocking) YYYX Level 2
Izuna Drop (throw) (while blocking) YYYXY Level 2
Moon of the Soul (while blocking) YYYY Level 2
Slain Demon (next to downed enemy) Y Level 1
First Wind (while jumping) X Level 1
Wind of Dawn (while jumping) XX Level 2
Izuna Drop (throw) (while jumping) XXY Level 2
Phantom Moon (while jumping) Y Level 1
Flashing Current (while landing jump) X Level 2
Guillotine Throw (throw) (while jumping near enemy) A+X Level 1
Single Horn (while wall running) X Level 1
Stone of Sin (while wall running) XX Level 2
Sixteen Nights (while wall running) Y Level 1
Single Horn (on wall) X Level 1
Sixteen Nights (on wall) Y Level 1
Sixteen Nights (during flying bird flip) X or Y Level 1
Fallen Moon (while running on water) XYX Level 1
Raven Thrust (while running on water) Y Level 1
Hazy Moon (at water surface) X Level 1
Ivory Moon (at water surface) Y Level 1
Crystal Thrust (underwater) X Level 1
Lion’s Storm (underwater) Y Level 1
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