Ninja Gaiden II Eclipse Scythe

Below is a table showing the Eclipse Scythe’s entire move list including the name of the move, button input of the move, and what level the Eclipse Scythe needs to be at to perform the move. The Eclipse Scythe is Ninja Gaiden II's powerhouse weapon. It has incredible reach and destructive power, as well as devastating combos and throws.

Move Name Move Input Weapon Level Needed
Piercing Moon XXXXX Level 1
Shadow Banisher (throw) XXXXX (hold when hitting enemy) Level 1
Mist Slash XXXXXY Level 1
Dragon Tear XXX->XXX Level 2
Death’s Pillar XXX->XXY Level 3
River Styx Drop XXX->XXY (hold when hitting enemy) Level 3
Demon Procession XXXXYYY Level 2
Death’s Chariot XXY Level 2
Corpse Sweep XXY Level 1
Demon’s Jaws XYY Level 1
Round Haze ->XXX Level 1
Reversed Tsunami ->XXXXX Level 3
Reversed Waterfall ->XYYYYY Level 2
Flying Heads YY Level 1
Cries of Ares YYY Level 2
Serpent’s Curse Y (hold Y) Level 1
Underworld Eruption Y(hold Y)(Essence) Level 1
Empire Destroyer Y(hold Y) (Essence MAX) Level 4
Soul Impale ->Y Level 1
Shadow Banisher (throw) ->Y(hold when hitting enemy) Level 1
Hidden Clouds (throw) (during shadow banisher) Y Level 2
Death’s Gate (during shadow banisher) XX Level 2
Death’s Pillar (during shadow banisher) XY Level 3
River Styx Drop (throw) (during hidden clouds) XY (hold when hitting enemy) Level 3
Demon Strangler (during hidden clouds) YY Level 2
Hunted Chimera ->YY Level 1
Returning Wind (while running) X Level 1
Ring of Insanity (while running)Y Level 1
Graveyard Spin 360+Y Level 2
Massacre Sweep 360+Y(hold Y)(Essence) Level 2
Extermination Sweep 360+Y(hold Y)(Essence MAX Level 2
Futile Resistance (while blocking) X Level 1
Darkness of Hades (while blocking) Y Level 1
Sacrificial Slice (next to downed enemy) Y Level 1
Hidden in Darkness (throw) (next to downed enemy) Y (hold when hitting enemy) Level 1
Immense Raven (while jumping) XX Level 1
Blood Rain (while jumping) Y Level 1
Flying Sacrifice (while jumping towards enemy) Y Level 1
Infinite sacrifice (throw) (while jumping forward) Y (hold when hitting enemy) Level 1
Guillotine Throw (throw) (while jumping near enemy) A+X Level 1
Flying Sacrifice (while wall running) X or Y Level 1
Infinite Sacrifice (throw) (while wall running) X or Y (hold when hitting enemy) Level 1
Wind of Revenge (on wall) X or Y Level 1
Entombed Lightning (during flying bird flip) X Level 1
Monstrous Raven (during flying bird flip) Y Level 1
Aqua Slash (while running on water) XX Level 1
Wave of Judgement (while running on water) YY Level 1
Lotus Strike (at water surface) X Level 1
Wounds of Poseidon (at water surface) Y Level 1
Aquatic Illusion (underwater) X Level 1
Sea Serpent (underwater) Y Level 1
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