Ninja Gaiden II Dragon Sword

Below is a table showing the Dragon's Swords entire move list including the name of the move, button input of the move, and what level the Dragon Sword needs to be at to perform the move.

Move Name Move Input Weapon Level Needed
Piercing Dragon's Fang XXXXX Level 1
Dragon Tear XXX->X Level 3
Steel Splitter XXXY Level 4
Tiger Roar XXY Level 1
Fang of the Wolf XXYY Level 2
Fortuitous Phoenix XXYYYY Level 3
Ikaruga XXY->Y Level 2
Seal of Ten XX->XX Level 1
Three Lights XX->XY Level 1
Wrath of Izanagi XX->XYY Level 2
Blade of the Empty Air XYX Level 1
Blade of Susano’o XYXXXX Level 2
Izuna Drop (throw) XYXXXY Level 2
Scarlet dragon XY(hold Y) Level 1
Cloud Dragon Flying Swallow XY(hold Y)YYY Level 4
Windmill Slash ->X Level 1
Violent Wind ->XX->X Level 1
Violent Gale ->XX->XX Level 2
Piercing Wind –>XX->Y Level 1
Dragon of Heaven ->XX->YY->Y Level 2
Dragon of Earth ->XX->YY->Y(hold Y) Level 2
Crimson Tempest YY Level 1
Undefeatable Demon YYY Level 2
Haze Straight Slash Y (hold Y) Level 1
Oblivion Cross Cut Y(hold Y)(Essence) Level 1
Blade of the Dragon’s Scales Y(hold Y) (Essence MAX) Level 4
Azure Dragon ->Y Level 1
Scarlet Dragon ->Y(hold Y) Level 1
Violent Wind (while running) X Level 1
Violent Gale (while running) XX Level 2
Piercing Wind (while running) Y Level 1
Dragon of Heaven (while running) YY->Y Level 2
Dragon of Earth (while running) YY->Y(hold Y) Level 2
Flying Crane 360+Y Level 2
Gleaming Blade 360+Y(hold Y) Level 3
Roaring Gleam 360+Y(hold Y)(Essence) Level 3
True Dragon Gleam 360+Y(hold Y)(Essence MAX Level 4
Deep Crimson (while blocking) XX Level 1
Gleaming Cross (while blocking) Y Level 1
Rising Dragon (next to downed enemy) Y Level 1
Blade of the Empty Air (while jumping) X Level 1
Blade of Nirrti (while jumping) XXXX Level 2
Izuna Drop (throw) (while jumping) XXXY Level 2
Helmet Splitter (while jumping) Y Level 1
Air Destruction Slash (while jumping forward) X Level 1
Falling Dragon Blade (while jumping forward) Y Level 1
Flying Swallow (while jumping forward) ->Y Level 1
Azure Swallow (while jumping forward) ->YY Level 2
Divine Flying Swallow (while jumping forward) ->YYY Level 3
Spinning Blade (while landing jump) X Level 2
Guillotine Throw (throw) (while jumping near enemy) A+X Level 1
Flying Swallow (while wall running) X or Y Level 1
Flying Dragon Blade (on wall) X Level 1
Cicada Slash (on wall) Y Level 1
Divine Flying Dragon (during flying bird flip) X Level 1
Divine Cicada Slash (during flying bird flip) Y Level 1
Divider of Waves (while running on water) XX Level 1
Blade of Empty Water (while running on water) XYX Level 1
Blade of Empty Seas (while running on water) XYXX Level 2
Aquatic Flying Sparrow (while running on water) Y Level 1
Heavy Mists (at water surface) X Level 1
Flying Osprey (at water surface) Y Level 1
Demon Shark (underwater) X Level 1
Great Demon Shark (underwater) Y Level 1

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