Ninja Gaiden II Dragon's Claw and Tiger's Fang/Blade of the Archfiend

Below is a table showing the Dragon’s Claw and Tiger’s Fang move list, as well as the level 4 version of the weapon known as Blade of the Archfiend, including the name of the move, button input of the move, and what level the Falcon’s Talons need to be at to perform the move.

Move Name Move Input Weapon Level Needed
Falling Flowers XXXXX Level 1
Blade of Nirvana XXXXY Level 2
Mahayana Blade XXXYY Level 1
Blade of Dharma’s Way XXYY Level 2
Double Lightning Strike XX->XX Level 1
Lightning Pierce XX->XXX Level 2
Penetrating Lightning XX->XXXXXX Level 3
Bladed Wing XX->XY Level 3
King Slayer XX->Y Level 2
Emperor Slayer XX->YY Level 3
Underworld Drop (throw) XX->YYYY Level 4
Blade of the Mind XX->YYYYY Level 4
Falling Dragon XXX->X Level 1
Double Zhong Kui Slash XYX Level 1
Mighty Zhong Kui Slash XYXXXX Level 2
Spinning Zhong Kui XYXXXXY Level 3
Zhong Kui Izuna (throw) XYXXXY Level 2
Zhong Kui Heavenly Sparrow XYXXX * Y Level 2
Dragon Slaying Sparrow XYXXX * Y (hold when hitting wall) Level 2
Falling Dragon Slayer XYXXX * Y (when hitting wall) X Level 2
Spinning Dragon Slayer XYXXX * Y (when hitting wall) Y Level 2
Great Dragon Slayer XYXXX * Y (when hitting wall) YY Level 3
Bird and Dragon XYXXX * Y (when hitting wall) A Level 2
Falling Zhong Kui XYXXY Level 2
Zhong Kui Whirlwind XYXXYY Level 3
Fire Dragon Spinning Descent XYY Level 1
Spinning Fire Dragon XYYY Level 3
Purgatory Slash XY (hold Y) Level 1
Wind and Clouds XY(hold Y)Y Level 2
Divine Blade XY(hold Y)YY Level 3
Underworld Drop (throw) XY(hold Y)YYYY Level 4
Blade of the Mind XY(hold Y)YYYYY Level 4
Twin Continuous Slash ->XX Level 1
Twin Cross Cut ->XXX Level 2
Flying Dragon ->XY Level 1
Descending Dragon ->XYY Level 2
Swooping Dragon Fang YYYY Level 1
Great Chasm YY->Y Level 3
Rolling Haze Slash Y (hold Y) Level 1
Path of the Demon Dragon Y(hold Y)(Essence) Level 1
Eight Heavenly Dragons Y(hold Y) (Essence MAX) Level 1
Rising Earth Blade ->Y Level 1
Purgatory Slash ->Y (hold Y) Level 1
Silent Gale (while running) X Level 1
Gale Cross Cut (while running) XX Level 2
Gale Rising Slash (while running) Y Level 1
Gale Falling Slash (while running) YY Level 2
Rise to Heaven 360+Y Level 2
Sokaku’s Secret Blade (while blocking) X Level 1
Sokaku’s Dissecting Slash (while blocking) Y Level 1
Ground Roll (next to downed enemy) Y Level 1
Double Zhong Kui Slash (while jumping) X Level 1
Mighty Zhong Kui (while jumping) XXXX Level 2
Spinning Zhong Kui (wile jumping) XXXXY Level 3
Izuna Drop (throw) (while jumping) XXXY Level 2
Spin Slash (while jumping) Y Level 1
Whirlwind Slash (while jumping) YY Level 3
Flying Swallow (while jumping towards enemy) Y Level 1
Guillotine Throw (throw) (while jumping near enemy) A+X Level 1
Divine Hawk Flying Swallow (while wall running) X or Y Level 1
Divine Hawk Twin Blades (on wall) X Level 1
Descending Divine Hawk (on wall) Y Level 1
Spinning Divine Hawk (on wall)YY Level 3
Divine Hawk Dancing Blades (during flying bird flip) X Level 1
Flying Bird Descent (during flying bird flip) Y Level 1
Flying Bird Spin (during flying bird flip) YY Level 3
Flying Water (while running on water) XXY Level 1
Aqua Chasm (while running on water) XY Level 1
Flying Hawk (while running on water) Y Level 1
Aqua Chasm (at water surface) XY Level 1
Heavenly Bay (at water surface) Y Level 1
Root of the Lotus (underwater) X Level 1
Water Dragon Blade (underwater) Y Level 1
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