Murai is a former Hayabusa ninja and uncle to Ryu Hayabusa, the protagonist of the Ninja Gaiden series. In the first game for the Xbox and Playstation 3, Hayabusa trains with Murai at his Shadow Ninja fortress before returning to the burning Hayabusa village. Hayabusa finds out at the end of his journey in the first game that the mysterious figure trailing him, the Dark Disciple, was merely Murai in disguise. As it would turn out, Murai had plotted the entire scenario. By distracting Ryu with training, Doku was able to retrieve the Dark Dragon Blade to be awakened by the Vigoorian Emperor, whom Murai assumed Ryu would be able to take down.

When Hayabusa struck down the Emperor and retrieved the newly awakened weapon, Murai appeared and stole it, transforming into a fiend himself and eventually succumbing to Ryu's blade in battle.

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