Ken Hayabusa

Joe Hayabusa
Joe Hayabusa.jpg

Joe Hayabusa in Ninja Gaiden II (Xbox 360)
Game seriesNinja Gaiden series
First game appearanceNinja Gaiden (NES)
Voiced By (English)Keone Young
Voiced By (Japanese)Norio Wakamoto
Fighting StyleHayabusa style Ninjutsu
OccupationLeader of the Hayabusa Clan

Ryu Hayabusa's father. He made only made one appearance on the original Ninja Gaiden on the NES. Often times he is known as Joe Hayabusa, and that is also the name he retains in the remake of the series on the newer consoles. His first appearance since the original trilogy was in Ninja Gaiden II (Xbox 360) where he faces off against a rival ninja known as Genshin. In that battle he appears to be killed and thus Ryu continues the battle, only to find out that Joe/Ken is still alive when he returns the favor to Ryu in the very same battle. Unlike the original trilogy in which Joe/Ken was killed to spark Ryu's journey, he has yet to die in the revived games.

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