Elizabet Concept Art.jpg

Game seriesNinja Gaiden series
First game appearanceNinja Gaiden II (Xbox 360)
Voiced By (English)Grey DeLisle
Voiced By (Japanese)Hiromi Tsuru
Fighting StyleN/A
OccupationQueen of the Fiends, Ruler of Blood

Elizabet is Queen of the Fiends and Ruler of Blood. As her name suggests, she's capable of manipulating blood in a number of ways, including turning it into a sharp rain of needles. With the aid of Genshin, she begins the task of reviving the Archfiend. She is first defeated in the deep jungle of the Amazon. She is seen later at Mt. Fuji when Genshin is defeated the third time and is killed. She revives him and grants him the power of a fiend with his Blade of the Archfiend.

After Genshin's ultimate defeat and acceptance of Hayabusa, Elizabet battles one final time against Hayabusa and is also slain.

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