One of the three Greater Fiends whom Ryu faces off against on his trip to the city of Tairon in the remake of the games on the Xbox and Playstation 3.

She is the sister of Rachel, the fiend-hunter who helps out Ryu. Her blood was among those capable of becoming a fiend, but her ability to retain her soul after transforming allowed her to become the Greater Fiend that she was. She faced off against Ryu in the monastery at Tairon and was defeated. When Rachel came in to finish her off, she could not bring herself to do it and thus Alma escaped.

Near the end of the story Doku, Lord of the Greater Fiends, plans to use Rachel as a sacrifice to complete Alma's awakening, but is cut short by Ryu Hayabusa. With Alma's Awakening disturbed, Hayabusa faces off against her in a new and far more hideous form, with her lower half similar to a scorpion. Hayabusa defeats her and attempts to stop Doku's sacrifice of Rachel. As he runs up the temple to stop it, Alma gives chase and stops the sacrifice with her own fiendish body and saved Rachel. In the process Alma was returned to her human form, proof that both Rachel and Alma were sisters from their looks alone, and Alma dies in Rachel's arms.

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