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Ruler of Lightning
Game seriesNinja Gaiden series
First game appearanceNinja Gaiden II (Xbox 360)
Voiced By (English)Robin Atkin Downes
Voiced By (Japanese)Hikaru Midorikawa
Fighting StyleN/A
OccupationGreater Fiend, Ruler of Lightning

Alexei is one of the four Greater Fiends and Ruler of Lightning. When Hayabusa heads to New York City to face the fiends that have gathered there, he eventually stumbles across Alexei atop the Statue of Liberty. Alexei is a fiend of passion, often expressing saddened emotions. At one point he captures Sonia and places her within a cage in the underworld, an attempt at making her his pet.

After being killed atop the Statue of Liberty, Hayabusa once again slays him in the underworld.

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