Ryu Hayabusa

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Ryu Hayabusa preparing for battle
Game seriesNinja Gaiden series / Dead or Alive series
First game appearanceNinja Gaiden
Voiced By (English)Justin Gross (NG) / Josh Keaton (NG II)
Voiced By (Japanese)Hideyuki Hori / Keiichi Nanba (anime)
Fighting StyleHayabusa style Ninjutsu
OccupationCurio shop owner, Dragon Ninja
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[edit] Background

[edit] The Original Trilogy

Ryu Hayabusa is one of the best present ninjas to live. After his father, Joe/Ken Hayabusa was killed by a rival ninja, Ryu went into his father's house to try to find something to remember him by. But what Ryu finds in his father's room was a letter written by his father. The letter tells Ryu to take his father's weapon, the Dragon Sword and to travel to the United States to find the archaeologist named Walter Smith. As Ryu comes to the United States, a woman named Irene Lew somehow subdued him and imprisoned him, then let him out and gave him a statue of some kind. Ryu continued his search for Walter Smith. When Ryu finds Smith, Smith tells the sotry of the 2 statues the light statue and the dark statue, and the Dragon Sword, as they use some type of power, however Smith was killed and the light statue was stolen, then Ryu was taken in by the leader of the CIA named Foster, Foster tells Ryu to head to the Amazon, to find a Demon named Jaquio. Ryu finds Jaquio and Irene, as Ryu hands over the Dark Statue, this gives Jaquio the power to slowly conquer the world, then when Ryu defeats malt, he discovers that his Father is still alive. Ken tells Ryu that he must stop Jaquio before the "Dark Moon" rises, after Ryu defeats Jaquio his father dies, but saves Irene.

A year after Ryu defeated Jaquio, another demonic being comes, named Ashtar, he plans to continue Jaquio's work weilding his weapon, the Dark Sword of Chaos, he kidnaps Irene. Ryu makes his goal to rescue her. With the help of Robert T.S. who tells Ryu that Irene his held captive in the Tower of Lahjar where Ashtar operates from. Then, Ryu witnesses Ashtar using the Dark Sword on Irene, this purified the Sword, Robert then comes in to try to help Ryu and Irene, then showed his true colors after Ryu defeats Ashtar, Robert is actually Jaquio who plans to use the Dark Sword to onquer the world, again Ryu defeats him.

Some time after that, Irene was sent on a mission to investigate suspicious activity. Then Ryu surprises her, then she falls off of a cliff, this is when Irene was presumed dead, and Ryu is now accused fo her murder. Ryu knew that he was set up. So he sets out to find out who or what set him up. Then, he receives help from a man named Clancy, telling Ryu to go tp a place called Castle Rock fortress, as Ryu heads to the fortress he fights a clone of himself, knowing that some one or something framed him. He heads to the fortress, where he discovered that Irene is alive, and Clancy is actually evil and subdues both Ryu and Irene to his Ancient Ship of Doom. However Ryu defeats Clancy.

[edit] His Character's Rebirth

When the series of Ninja Gaiden was recreated and turned into a 3-D Action/Adventure game, the story itself received a reboot and was placed in line with the Dead or Alive fighting game series from the same developer. With both series having mostly simplistic stories, Hayabusa's journey to becoming a super ninja is still rather large. His tale consists of fighting Greater Fiends, Deities, and even his own doppleganger (pictured to the right with a skeleton mask).

At the beginning of Ninja Gaiden for the original Xbox, Hayabusa heads off to a mysterious ninja fortress and fights his way inside. After dispatching of many ninja from the Shadow Ninja clan, he faces off with Murai, a nunchaku-wielding ninja who turns out to be Ryu's uncle. After their battle, the purple-haired servant of Murai known as Ayane shows up to relay message to Ryu Hayabusa that the Hayabusa Village has been attacked and set aflame. He returns to the village to see it under attack by enemy ninja and samurai. After fighting his way to the center of the village and fighting an armor-clad, horse-back riding samurai known as Masakado, Hayabusa sees Kurenai, a village priestess fall to the hands of Doku, a Great Fiend clad in black armor. The two fight with another and Doku strikes Ryu down with the Dark Dragon Blade, the blade the Hayabusa clan were sworn to protect, along with it's sister blade, the Dragon Sword, possessed by Ryu. With Ryu dead, a Peregrine Falcon swoops over the village as the flames settle, returning Hayabusa to life and allowing him to start his journey.

[edit] Abilities

Ryu, since being a Ninja has more abilities than most others. Being a Ninja of great power, he can jump higher, maneuver through tight areas due to his flexibility, and has the stealth and speed of a actual ninja. He also holds other abilities called, 'Ninpo'. They are-

  • Art of the Fire Wheels
  • Art of the Inferno
  • Art of the Ice Storm
  • Art of the Inazuma
  • Art of the Wind Blades
  • Art of the Piercing Void
  • Art of the Flame Phoenix
  • Art of the Hurricane
  • Art of the Divine Life

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