Notebook: Shadowless Footsteps

My master tells me that the technique of Shadowless Footsteps is a basic Ninja maneuver. He says: “It is the very spirit of the Ninja to traverse where no path can be seen!” I must be lacking Ninja spirit, because I’m completely incapable of performing this simple technique.

I slide down the wall, or I slam my forehead against its surface. Either way, I look like an idiot. If it weren’t for my metal headpiece, I’d have cracked my skull open by now.

What honor can be had by a Ninja as clumsy as I? When my comrades reach a valley, I slow them down. When up against a castle wall, they must carry me over. They that in life, one must learn to rise above obstacles. I’d rather knock all these walls down, I never want to see another wall as long as I live.


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