Ninja Gaiden Shadow (GB)

Ninja Gaiden Shadow (GB)
477947-ninja gaiden shadow coverart large.png
DeveloperTecmo, Natsume
Release DateJPN December 13, 1991

NA 1991

EUR 1992
GenreBeat 'em up/Platform
ModesSingle Player
Control DeviceControl Pad

[edit] Plot

The player takes control of Ryu Hayabusa. He is battling Emperor Garuda, who has taken over th western world. First, Ryu must battle a cyborg by the codename of "Spider," who can cling to walls and dive from the ceiling. He then must fight a large kick-boxer by the name of Gregory, who is aided by his manager, a small man named Jack, who slows Ryu down by clinging on to him. He then faces the mad Colonel Allen, a possible traitor to Earth's military forces, who fires blindly to try and bring down Ryu. Then Ryu must battle a wind god.

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