Ninja Gaiden II Weapons


[edit] Melee Weapons

[edit] Dragon Sword/True Dragon Sword

The Dragon Sword will be your go-to weapon for most situations in the game. It's fast, powerful and the Flying Swallow technique can save you in situations where you're quickly getting overwhelmed. In Ninja Gaiden, as well as Black and Sigma, Dragon Sword, and Ninja Gaiden II, the Dragon Sword receives a major upgrade by being combined with the Dragon's Eye, transforming the blade into the True Dragon Sword.

[edit] Falcon's Talons

The Falcon's Talons extremely fast and very effective against small enemies. Because of the limited range, the Falcon's Talons are weak against ranged attacks.

[edit] Dragon's Claw and Tiger's Fang

One of the most powerful weapons in the game, especially when you acquire the upgraded version of the Tiger's Claw and Dragon's Fang, the Blade of the Archfiend, in Chapter 14.

[edit] Blade of the Archfiend

The evil blade which eventually forces Genshin to succumb to the fiend side. When Ryu gains the weapon he uses it in combination with the True Dragon Sword as a replacement for the Dragon's Claw and Tiger's Fang. An incredibly powerful weapon with extreme aerial attacks.

[edit] Eclipse Scythe

The Eclipse Scythe is an extremely powerful, slightly slow weapon. The Scythe should be your weapon of choice when fighting large, lumbering beasts, as it can level even the strongest foes in a couple well-executed combos. Gained from Volf, Greater Fiend and Ruler of Storms, after killing him.

[edit] Lunar Staff

The Lunar Staff is quite powerful, but a bit slow. It should be your weapon of choice for large enemies until Chapter 6 (when you acquire the Eclipse Scythe). Also, the Lunar Staff has one very useful move for parrying flurries of incoming ranged attacks, called Bladed Spider (Y Y).

[edit] Kusari-Gama

The Kusari-gama has the most devastating range out of any weapon in the game, but its speed varies. If you're surrounded, and need to quickly gain the upper hand. This could be your weapon of choice, but it's a much harder weapon to master. The more powerful moves which inflict the most damage have relatively a long start-up time.

[edit] Vigoorian Flails

The Vigoorian Flails is a very strong, very fast weapon. By comparison, it's faster than the Kusari-gama a bit more powerful.

[edit] Tonfa

The Tonfa is one of the fastest weapons in the game, has extremely rapid combos with many hits (such as its Ultimate Technique), but has very short range.

[edit] Projectile Weapons

[edit] Shuriken

The basic projectile thrown by Ryu Hayabusa. Meant mostly as a distraction, they deal very little damage.

[edit] Fiend's Bane Bow

Hayabusa's Bow which is capable of it's own Ultimate Technique, a bow shot capable of ripping enemies to shreds. Can be fired in the air twice before Ryu hits the ground again.

[edit] Incendiary Shuriken

Exploding kunai which stick to the enemy. After a few seconds they explode and certain enemies will lose body parts. Like the bow, they can be charged to perform an Ultimate Technique which involves throwing several at once.

[edit] Gatling Spear Gun

An ultimately useless weapon, it can only be used while in the water. Most water-based enemies fall to this with ease as a positive.

[edit] Windmill Shuriken

A four-bladed shuriken which Ryu can throw like a boomerang. Capable of decapitating enemies, and like other weapons can be charged to perform an Ultimate Technique capable of ripping enemies apart.

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