Ninja Gaiden (Xbox)

Ninja Gaiden II (Xbox 360)
Ninja Gaiden Coverart.png
DeveloperTeam Ninja
Release Date(Jap) February 26, 2004
        (Eng) March 2, 2004
(Eur) May 14, 2004
DesignerTomonobu Itagaki
ModesSingle Player
Control DeviceXbox Controller

[edit] Story

Ninja Gaiden starts off with Ryu Hayabusa fighting his way into the Shadow Ninja Fortress and facing off against his uncle, Murai, in a training session. Ayane shows up after the battle to tell Ryu that the Hayabusa Village has been lit on far and is now being attacked by Doku and his samurai warriors. Upon returning to the burning village and killing many enemies, including Masakado, Ryu confronts Doku just as Kureha, his childhood friend, falls. Doku had stolen the Dark Dragon Blade, the sister blade of the Dragon Sword held by Ryu, and the two fight it out. Doku kills Ryu and he and his men leave the village to return to Tairon. A peregrine falcon, the sacred bird of the Hayabusa (which in itself means "peregrine falcon"), swoops over the village and returns Ryu to life to start his journey of vengeance for his fellow Hayabusa clan members.

[edit] Characters

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