Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword (Nintendo DS)

Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword
Release DateJPN March 20, 2008

USA March 25, 2008
AUS June 26, 2008

EU June 27, 2008
DesignerShuichi Sakurazaki
ModesSingle Player
MediaDS card
Control DeviceDS Touch Screen

[edit] Gameplay

This game depends mostly on the stylus, so be sure to have one. By tapping the screen, Ryu will use his currently selected projectile. By tapping and holding, Ryu will run to the desired location. By drawing a horizontal or vertical line on an enemy, Ryu will do a horizontal or vertical slash with his sword. And by drawing up on the screen, Ryu will jump.

To use Ryu's Ninpo you will have to touch a icon on the screen. it will bring the outline of a Chinese letter that you must trace with the stylus to active the Ninpo that you want.

[edit] About

The plot of this game is to save a ninja named Momiji, where she gets kidnapped by a clan called the Black Spider Ninja clan. She is the one you start off with in the beginning of the game. Later on another ninja named Ryu appears to save Momiji. In order to save her you will need to battle dragons/creatures/enemies.

[edit] Chapters

There are 13 chapters to complete in the game. This means you will have to battle 13 dragons/creatures to get to the next chapter. You will also have to complete some quest in order to battle the dragons/creatures. Here's the name of the chapters:

-Chapter 1: Forest of Shadows

-Chapter 2: Hayabusa Village

-Chapter 3: Monastery Illusion

-Chapter 4: Solemn Sanctuary

-Chapter 5: Legendary Fiends

-Chapter 6: Mortal Enemy

-Chapter 7: Cavern of Flame

-Chapter 8: Cavern of Ice

-Chapter 9: Isle of Destiny

-Chapter 10: The Ends of Hell

-Chapter 11: Underworld Gate

-Chapter 12: Abyssal Underworld

-Chapter 13: Edge of Darkness

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