Genshin with the Blade of the Archfiend
Game seriesNinja Gaiden series
First game appearanceNinja Gaiden II (Xbox 360)
Voiced By (English)Neil Kaplan
Voiced By (Japanese)Ryuzaburo Otomo
Fighting StyleNinjutsu
OccupationLeader of the Black Spider Clan


[edit] Background

Genshin is a character featured in Ninja Gaiden II. He takes over for Obaba after her defeat at the hands of Ryu, and he himself proves to be a ninja of power rivaling the Hayabusa member. He faces off and overpowers Ryu's father, Joe Hayabusa, and nearly does the same to Ryu in their first encounter. Despite wielding the Blade of the Archfiend, he is defeated multiple times by Ryu, actually killed twice.

Using the money gathered by Obaba when she controlled the Black Spider Clan, he is able to have the Daedalus flying fortress constructed which Ryu and Sonia take down from their combined efforts.

[edit] Appearances

[edit] Abilities

  • Will perform a back-flip and then dash straight towards Ryu and slash once.
  • Has fairly long combos involving kicks, sword slashes, and claw attacks.
  • Has a spinning move where he rotates himself in air and attacks with all of his weapons.
  • Will pull back his sword and charge up before dashing at the enemy
  • Has his own version of the Flying Swallow
  • Has a standard three hit combo ending with an upward sword slash
  • In his final form fought near the end of the game and in Mission Mode, he is capable of performing the Underworld Drop, a devastating throw similar to the Izuna Drop, but far more damaging.
  • If at a distance, he will throw three exploding darts at Ryu.

[edit] Dangers

  • Flying Swallow has limited, if any, effect on Genshin. If used from a distance, he will counter with his own and both will simply negate each other.
  • If attacking for too long, he will tend to counter moves by pushing Ryu lightly off.
  • Occasionally he will sidestep some moves to get better footing for an attack.
  • Each subsequent time you fight him, overall four times, he gains abilities and moves, as well as receiving an upgrade in strength and speed.
  • The second time fighting Genshin, as well as one of the battles in Mission Mode, he will be accompanied by several enemy ninja.

[edit] Strategies

  • Like most other bosses, Genshin leaves himself open after most of his attacks.
  • Projectiles and Ninpo have almost no effect on Genshin, so it's best to not waste them.
  • He cannot be lifted off the ground, so quick combos are best in this fight.
  • Genshin is relatively fast, but dashing repeatedly makes most of his attacks easy to dodge.
  • His version of the Flying Swallow is relatively weak and can be blocked.

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